Finally here are the top 3 photos of the PACADI Jasha Photo Contest in November. We received more that 100 photos and they were all really good and it wasn't easy to decide. But on December 1st Julia Tower, Claire Blinker and me (Lotta Shelman) met to find the 3 winner. And now we have them right here. Naiara Habana, Katherine Comet and Lauren Bisiani! Thanks to all who have taken part and we hope you've enjoyed taking the photos on the sim. The next event will be the Christmas Secret Fashion Show! (www.christmas-secret.blogspot.com)


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Oceania Necklace!

Oceania is a necklace and bracelets and comes in 2 (two) versions.
Hot & Cold.

Each has her own Hud to change colors, size and some other small parts of the necklace.
Its called after Oceania because it has some elegant shells, conected with wires and stones. Perfect for a casual look, or for a special evening. The warm colors are perfect for the fall look. Ofcourse the cold colors will think of the weather of fall.


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Today PACADI Jasha is finally releasing The "Trible Bangles"! Lots of people have been asking for them after they have seen it in the Fall Collection Look Book or in our release preview for October/November! Now we finally can say: Here they are!
The Trible Bangle is made of 5 different bagles, which all have a different pattern and colour. 4 of the bangles have the typical bangle shape and the fith one, which divides the upper and lower part is made of small leave-patterned speheres, which gives the whole bangle an elegant and fall typical look.
The eyecatcher on this special bangle is the zebra-printed bangle. The whole bangle and its feathers on the sides.

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The run on the PACADI JASHA Fall collection has started and it is not even released! So we decided to publish some posters of the upcoming items which will be released mid october. On the Glamour Fair at Vanity Universe we're showing off some selected colours of the Zahra Puff Dress, Firenze Top, Rivaldi Top and a amazing new Necklace: Verandi by JASHA!

These items will be available at the fair till it closes and then finally in store! There is a lot more than the items shown on the fair to come with the new collection. We hope you like it! Stay tuned for more!
xoxo Lotta & Julia
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PACADI JASHA fall collection '09
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[PACADI] - Zahra Puff Dress [cherry]   
[PACADI] - Rivaldi Top [blossom/raven]
[PACADI] - Firenze Top [cherry I]
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These hairstyles are currently available at the Hair Saloon.


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