Pacadi Jasha is a virtual brand in Second Life® which offers a wide range of quality clothes, jewellery accessoires, skins and hair styles. At Pacadi Jasha we have created a successful premium women’s and men's clothing label which is to be seen in several magazines in Second Life® and in out-world blogs. In the past few weeks, after releasing our successful summer collection, we were asked to join some Fashion Shows - unfortunately we couldn't make it to all of them. Pacadi Jasha will be presented on the IFD (International Fashion Day) in September 6th from 11 AM to 12 PM. Everyone of the Pacadi Jasha Crew is excited and very contented to join this awesome show. We'll present our products in the honorable closure of this huge event in which 24 designers will present their products in 24 hours. We just can commend this event to all the fashion-conscious people out there.

Pacadi Jasha is also proud to annouce that Estilo Second Life joined us at our sim. We are all very contented and we're looking forward to all the upcoming events which we are going to organize!


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